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Welcome to the UCI Writing Project!

Established in 1978, UCI Writing Project is the 13th site of the California Writing Project and the oldest of the Subject Matter Projects on the University of California-Irvine Campus. We're located in UCI's Graduate School of Education.

We are one of 200 sites of the National Writing Project.

Note from Director

Established in 1984, the UCI Summer Youth programs offers workshops to over 2500 students , pre-K through grade 12. In these workshops, Teacher/Consultants trained in Writing Project strategies focus on helping students enhance the reading and writing abilities identified in the California Common Core State Standards. Our workshops offer a unique opportunity for students to develop their talent as writers as they experience a step-by-step approach to writing. Special attention is given to the domains of writing assessed on the STAR Direct Writing Assessment and the California High School Exit Exam: summary, narration, response to literature, and persuasion.

Recognizing that affective motivation to learn is key to academic growth, our goal is to make the Young Writers' Project challenging and informative but also engaging and fun.


For additional information, call 949-824-5922.

More about the UCI Writing Project

The UCIWP has trained 800 teacher/consultants from 85 local school districts and twelve colleges and universities. Additionally, the project has trained 675 teachers in its open program on Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking, and 600 teachers in the Governor's Professional Development Institutes.

The project has reached over 20,000 teachers via conferences and inservice programs. We were the first CWP site to create a summer youth program, which has grown from 35 students and 2 teachers in 1984 to more than 2500 students and 200 teachers in 2013.