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  • January 29: Teachers of Tomorrow Meeting: Spring Celebration Planning. 6:00-7:00 pm, Education 2008. Pizza. Open to all undergraduates interested in knowing more about education. Information.

  • January 31: School of Education Anniversary Celebration. 2:30-3:30 pm, Education Building. 3:30-6:00 pm, Booth #19 in Aldrich Park. Activities, games, photographs. For current students, alumni, community members, & friends. Flyer

  • February 2: School of Education Brownbag: "Parents  Without Papers: Membership Exclusion, Gender, and Mexican-American Integration," presented by Frank Bean, Chancellor's Professor, Director of Center for Research on Immigration, Population, and Public Policy, UC Irvine. 12:00-1:15 pm, Education 2010. Flyer. Open to the Public.

  • February 2: MAT/Credential Information Session. 5:30-7:00 pm, Education 2010. Information

  • February 3: School of Education Brownbag: "The Downside of Good Peers: How Classroom Composition Differentially Affects Men's and Women's STEM Persistence," presented by Stefanie Fischer, UC Santa Barbara Ph.D. Candidate in Economics. 11:30-1:00 pm, Education 2010. Flyer. Open to the Public.

  • February 11: Coffee Chat with Student Affairs Counselors. 9:00-10:30 am, Education 2005. Drop in to learn more about our programs. Information

  • Winter 2015 Brownbag Schedule | Brownbag Archives



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